Good morning people! Again, I come to you after not writing forevaaa. But I’m back to share some of my most recent experiences and life lessons with whoever reads my blog at this point LOL.  (Give me a break, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities!) I am now in my sophomore year of motherhood and … More Maturity

Three Things I learned in my 1st Year of Motherhood

 Shabbat Shalum everyone! I know what you’re thinking- when’s the last time she posted something on her blog… I didn’t even know her blog still existed! Honestly it’s been way too long. Do you want to know why I’ve been MIA: LIFE! Lol no good reason, just trying my best to balance all my roles and … More Three Things I learned in my 1st Year of Motherhood

Baby on the Way

Wow! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written to you all :). In a lot of ways I feel like when I blog I’m writing to myself as well lol so it’s kind of therapeutic for me. It allows me to express what’s in my heart and to meditate on the things I’ve … More Baby on the Way

A Baby Was Born

Shalum! It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog and I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately, school and work were occupying my time in a way that was not functional. I even had a sister reach out to me saying, ‘what’s going on with the blog?!’ So I know I have to do better and put … More A Baby Was Born